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Veteran’s Advisory Board progress on repatriation review

Chris Mullane, Chairperson of the Veterans’ Advisory Board today said “the Board is making steady progress with its consideration of the Government’s current policy of not repatriating the bodies of New Zealanders interred overseas as the result of a military burial between January 1948 and mid-1970”.

“We have met four times and gathered a lot of information from various government departments and non-government agencies to assist us understand the facts and complexities regarding repatriation. We have also met with, and received written submissions from, affected families and individuals, as well as veterans’ organisations. We continue to work on the review between meetings”, Mr Mullane said.

“Our next meeting is on 31 January 2017, and we will meet fortnightly from then on. As our deadline for providing initial advice to the Minister is late March 2017 we again encourage any affected family/whanau/next-of-kin to contact our Board Secretary, either through the Board’s webpage on the Veterans’ Affairs website or via the Veterans’ Affairs free phone enquiry line on 0800 483 8372, should they wish to engage on this matter”, said Mr Mullane.

The Veterans’ Advisory Board is a statutory body established under section 247 of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014. The Board’s function is to provide advice and comment to the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs on a range of issues impacting on veterans, including advice on policies in respect of veterans’ entitlements.


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