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Ex-Service Memorials and Cemeteries

Services Cemeteries

Unlike many other countries, New Zealand has specifically designated areas within public cemeteries, and stand-alone individual cemeteries, for the interment of veterans, irrespective of whether death was due to service or to natural causes. These are called Services Cemeteries and there are now 183 of these throughout New Zealand.

The work involved in establishing and maintaining Services Cemeteries throughout New Zealand is a cooperative venture between Veterans' Affairs New Zealand, local authorities, local Returned Services Associations and other interested veterans' group. Land is set aside by local authorities and central government provides assistance with the development and maintenance of the cemeteries. The high standard of presentation, and preservation of the special nature of Services Cemeteries, is the result of the combined efforts of all the organisations involved.

Ex-Service Memorials

If the interment of a deceased veteran is to be in a Services Cemetery, a standard ex-Service memorial either a plaque or a headstone, depending on the type of cemetery, is available at a subsidised rate through Veterans' Affairs New Zealand. In a Services Cemetery only the standard ex-service memorial is permitted. The memorials are of a uniform style and there is no provision for personal messages or photographs.

If the interment is to be in a public cemetery, the next of kin can order a standard ex-Service memorial, either a plaque or headstone, at a subsidised rate. In some cases, however, local bylaws may restrict variations in memorials and some local authorities will not allow the standard memorials to be used.

Double burials are also allowed in Services Cemeteries so that the spouse or partner of the deceased veteran can be interred in the same plot as the deceased veteran. A double plaque commemorating both deceased persons is provided at a subsidised rate.

Contact Details

Enquiries relating to the application for an Ex-Service Memorial or for recognition of a Services Cemetery should be made to:

Supervisor Services Cemeteries
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