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Maintenance Grants

Once a Services Cemetery has been established, the cemetery authority is paid an annual grant by Veterans' Affairs New Zealand. This grant is made as a contribution towards the maintenance costs of the cemetery. A “Standard of Care” agreement signed by the cemetery authority sets out the minimum standard of care expected in return for payment of the maintenance grant.

The cemetery authority is required to maintain scale plans of the land area covered by the Services Cemetery, including any area agreed upon as being necessary for future burials, provided that it is regularly maintained. The maintenance grant is paid to the cemetery authority in September by direct credit.

If an existing cemetery is extended, the maintenance grant can be increased proportionately, to allow for the upkeep of the additional area. In such a circumstance, Veterans' Affairs New Zealand should be advised of any proposal to increase the size of an existing Services Cemetery.

Land Area Rate per square metre*
Up to 500 square metres (Minimum Grant) $250.00
501 - 5000 square metres $ 0.75
Next 5000 square metres $ 0.50
Remaining area $ 0.20

All figures are GST inclusive, and subject to the Standard of Care agreement being signed.

This page was last reviewed 4 September, 2014 and is current.