Social Rehabilitation

If you’re a New Zealand veteran with a disability, Social Rehabilitation may be able to help you toward living independently again.

Qualifying for Social Rehabilitation

You can get Social Rehabilitation, for an injury or illness linked to:

You must be assessed as needing Social Rehabilitation.


To seek rehabilitation (including Social Rehabilitation) of your injury or illness, you should first either:

If you have a qualifying injury or illness, we'll assess whether you need Social Rehabilitation for it.

Assessing your needs

Assessment of your Social Rehabilitation needs will cover:

  • how independent you were before the injury or illness, and how independent you are now
  • how the injury or illness limits you, and how Social Rehabilitation may reasonably address this
  • what goals may reasonably be met by Social Rehabilitation
  • how Social Rehabilitation may help you back to work (if you qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation).

Reassessing your needs

If you get Social Rehabilitation, we’ll reassess it from time-to-time. Reassessment will cover:

  • relevant changes in your situation and health
  • impact these changes may have on your ability to meet agreed Social Rehabilitation goals
  • changes needed to the Social Rehabilitation services you’re getting.

Getting Social Rehabilitation

Needs we can address

We’ll do all we reasonably can to help you regain your pre-injury independence, as far as you can. This might cover:

  • Communication (speech, language, memory, concentration, assertiveness, anger management, people skills, number skills, communication technology)
  • Decision-making (for dealing with day-to-day life)
  • Finances (budgeting, banking, making payments)
  • Health (for example, managing medicines)
  • Home tasks (cleaning, laundry, making meals, shopping)
  • Motivation (initiative and confidence)
  • Safety (personal and physical safety at home, keeping safe generally)
  • Sexuality (intimacy, relationships, sexual and emotional needs)
  • Transport (using it independently).

Services we can fund

Services we may fund include:

We may fund other services where suitable. To be funded, any service must be all the following:

  • high-quality, and normally offered by rehabilitation providers
  • needed (as a direct result of the condition qualifying you for rehabilitation)
  • suited to your agreed rehabilitation goals
  • set out in Your Plan (if you have one).

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