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Medical Alarms—Veterans' Independence Programme

Medical alarms are able to get you help quickly.

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Who can get this

You may be able to get this if:

  • you have Qualifying Service, and
  • you need a medical alarm.

Qualifying Service explained

What you can get

Features of the alarm include:

  • GPS — if you require assistance outside of your home ADT Medical Alarms will be able to locate you
  • fall detection
  • inbuilt two-way communication with the ADT Medical Alarms service centre
  • a wireless charging pad — no need to plug in the alarm. Just place it on the charging pad
  • low battery alert — if the alarm is running low, ADT Medical Alarms will call you to remind you to charge it.

We partner with ADT Medical Alarms High-Level Monitoring to issue portable medical alarms. ADT Medical Alarms guarantees a response to any emergency activation within 60 seconds.

How to apply

This support is provided as part of the Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP).

Apply through the Veterans' Independence Programme

What happens next

After you apply we'll:

  1. contact you to confirm we've received your application
  2. start the decision-making process
  3. keep you informed on the status of your application.

If we need more information, we'll get in touch with you.

How we make decisions

When you get it

Once you have been issued with an alarm, you can contact ADT directly about any issues related to your alarm. You can contact them 24 hours 7 days a week by:

Find out more

Contact us for more information

We strive to be transparent. If you want to know how this entitlement is administered you can read the policy.

Veterans' Independence Programme policy [PDF, 430 KB]