Veteran's Pension payment rates

Veteran's Pension payment rates as of 1 April 2018.

Veteran's Pension is administered and paid by the Ministry of Social Development

Weekly payment

Veteran's Pension is calculated as a weekly financial support and paid:

  • every two weeks within NZ, or
  • every four weeks outside of NZ.

Payment dates

About the Veteran's Pension

Weekly payment rate

All payment rates are before tax.

Your situationWeekly amount
Single living alone NZD$463.04
Single sharing accommodation NZD$425.55
Relationship—qualifying partner NZD$350.76
Relationship—non-qualifying partner NZD$664.68
Relationship—non-qualifying partner at old rate NZD$701.52

Lump Sum on death of veteran or their spouse

One time lump sum on death of a veteran or their spouse.

Type of paymentPayment amount
On death of veteran NZD$5,965.08
If a veteran was receiving a war veterans' allowance before 1 April 1990 NZD$15,040.46
On death of a veteran's spouse or partner NZD$4,548.54