Support for families

Specific support that can be accessed by a veteran's family may depend on the dates of the veteran's service or deployment.

Service in Viet Nam or pre-April 1974 (Scheme One)


Children's Pension is a support payment, where veteran's death or severe impairment is service-related.

Children's Bursary is a study payment, where one of these applies:

  • the child qualifies for Children's Pension
  • the veteran parent is on Veteran's Pension or Weekly Income Compensation.


Dependant's Pension is a support payment, where veteran's death or severe impairment is service-related.  

Spouse or partner

Surviving Spouse or Partner Pension is a support payment for surviving partner, where veteran's death or severe impairment was service-related.

Service in or after April 1974 (Scheme Two)

Family support (Scheme Two) may include income compensation, financial advice, and survivors' and child care payments. For entitlement to any of these to exist, the veteran must have:

Services on veteran's incapacity, long-term care, or death


Visitors' Travel is help with travel visiting a veteran in long-term hospital care. The veteran must have:


You may be able to access training & support back to work, if your veteran partner:

This support may be accessed, based on an occupational assessment, for up to 3 years (don't have to be consecutive).


Veterans' Independence Programme services of your veteran partner may be able to be kept by you, as needed and for a limited period:

  • on the veteran entering hospice or hospital care; or
  • on the veteran's death (if the veteran was living at home then).


Help with funeral costs may be accessed if death is from qualifying service, or other conditions are met. Qualifying service is:

Interment & memorial

Interment in a services cemetery may be arranged for:

Memorials for interment in a service cemetery may be arranged (with costs covered) for:

Where interment is in a public or private cemetery, we may help with costs of a memorial.

Other support

Viet Nam

Family of Viet Nam veterans may be able to access support for Viet Nam families.


Support for the family of Operation Grapple veterans may include:

  • case management & counselling
  • genetic counselling (for veteran's natural-born children, conceived after Operation Grapple service).


Veteran's Pension (external link)  is a superannuation-type payment for veterans who:

If the veteran has whole-person impairment of at least 52%, Veteran's Pension may have benefits for family too, including:

  • automatic entitlement to Community Services Card for partner (if NZ resident)
  • lump sum payment for partner or family, on the veteran's death.

Contact MSD (external link) for more information about Veteran's Pension. 

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