Pensions & lump sums for veterans

To access any of these pensions or lump sum payments, you must have qualifying service—that is:

Other conditions apply for each type of payment. Specific support that can be claimed may depend on the dates of your qualifying service.

Service in Viet Nam or pre-April 1974 (Scheme One)

Income compensation

Impairment support

Service in or after April 1974 (Scheme Two)

Qualifying Operational Service [PDF, 230 KB] on or after 1 April 1974 may qualify for Scheme Two support. (But Viet Nam service comes under Scheme One).

Scheme Two payments (veteran) include income compensation, impairment compensation, and financial advice.

Entitlements in later life

These payments may be accessed on the basis of any qualifying service:

  • Veteran's Pension (external link)  if you're a veteran at superannuation age (this superannuation-type payment is administered by MSD, and can include partners)
  • Retirement Lump Sum: if you're a veteran at superannuation age, had 10 years' on income compensation and meet the asset threshold. But you must have reached superannuation age on or after 7 December 2014.

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