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Who is a veteran?

New Zealand veterans are aged from 19 to more than a hundred years old. They include retired people, those in civilian life, and currently-serving personnel. There are around 31,000 New Zealand veterans.

The Veterans’ Support Act 2014 provides entitlements for veterans with qualifying service, which may be either:
  • Qualifying routine service in the armed forces before 1 April 1974; or
  • Qualifying operational service – on a deployment treated as a war or emergency for the purposes of the War Pensions Act 1954, or on a deployment which has been declared operational service under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014. You will find a list of deployments which have been declared as qualifying operational service in the attachment below.

Abbreviated List of Qualifying Service for the Veterans' Support Act 2015 (as at 1 October 2015') [PDF, 257 KB]

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