How we'll work with you

We'll work with you to help you get the best support available.

Our case management approach

We have a dedicated team of case managers who work one-on-one with our clients.

They'll be able to assist you in the application process as well as provide advice on other services you may be able to get. Our case managers are dedicated professionals with a wide knowledge range of issues affecting ex-service members.

When you will have a case manager

If you're receiving services or support from us, you'll most likely be assigned a case manager. This includes rehabilitation.

When you might not be assigned a case manager

If you're receiving a regular payment you may not be assigned a case manager. Contact our Enquiry Line if you want to talk to about your regular payments or another issue.

Contact us

Who you'll work with

Enquiry Line

Our Enquiry Line will be the first point of contact when you ring or email us.

They are able to:

  • answer most questions you have for us
  • explain the support available
  • help you apply for more support.

Case managers

If you have a case manager they'll be the main point of contact between you and Veterans' Affairs.

They're able to:

  • talk to organisations on your behalf
  • arrange for treatment
  • arrange for services and support to be put in place
  • support you in making further claims.

If you want, your family can also be involved in talking with your case manager.

If you're unhappy with your case manager it's important you let them know. If you don't feel comfortable in doing this, then you can ask to speak to their team leader.

Your Plan

A 'Your Plan' provides a path for the services and support you get from us. It will be created when you're going to be getting ongoing support from us.

Your case manager will assist you during the creation of a 'Your Plan'. You'll be able to discuss it with them and possibly make changes to suit your circumstances before you accept or decline it.