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Your treatment card

Your treatment card helps you get no-cost treatment and medication for your approved conditions.

About your card

It identifies you as a client of Veterans' Affairs. You can use it when you see your doctor or go to the pharmacy. When you show it, it tells your provider to charge us instead of asking you for payment.

Your treatment card may also be called a War Pension Treatment Card or a Veteran's Card. However, we may have issued you a treatment letter instead. This contains the exact same information as a treatment card.

Both a treatment card and a treatment letter will have your:

  • full name
  • client number — sometimes called a reference or war pensions number
  • Defence Force service number
  • National Health Index number
  • approved conditions.

We recommend you carry it with you at all times.

If you lose your treatment card

You need to notify us if you lose your treatment card. Don't worry if this happens, we can issue you a replacement card or letter.

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