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Invoicing us

How to invoice us to ensure we pay you quickly and correctly.

How to invoice us

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If you're an audiologist

Follow the specific instructions for audiologist invoices. 

Invoice instructions for audiologists

If you're a doctor or pharmacy in NZ

Green Cross Health process invoices on our behalf for services provided by doctors and pharmacies within NZ.

You need to send your invoice details to Green Cross in a specific format. This helps ensure you get paid correctly and on time. If you haven’t sent an invoice to Green Cross Health before, you should get in touch with them to discuss their requirements.

On our behalf, Green Cross Health will pay you on the 20th of the month after they have received your invoice.

If you're another type of provider or located outside of NZ

Your invoice will be processed by the NZ Defence Force's Defence Commercial Service group.

Our payment terms

If you have a contract with us, it will state the payment terms.

If you don't have a contract with us, we'll send you a purchase order that includes the:

  • purchase order number
  • type of service we require
  • amount of the service we need
  • date range we’ll need the service.

Our standard purchase order terms and conditions terms will apply. This means:

  • we can't pay for services above the purchase order value without prior approval
  • we'll make payment by the 20th of the month after we have received your invoice.

For example, if we receive an invoice in January, it will be paid on 20 February.

NZ Defence Force Purchase Order Terms and Conditions(external link)

Sending us your invoices

We prefer to receive invoices electronically — it's quicker and reduces the impact we have on the environment.

When you send your invoice to us, you must note the purchase order number on the invoice itself. If you don't, it will slow down the payment process.

Type of invoice Email address
Medical-related invoices
All other invoices

Make sure attachments are in a common file format — preferably as a PDF. 
The total size of the files in your email must be under 15MB.

If you have a purchase order number but are unable to send your invoice electronically, you can send it to:

NZ Defence Force Accounts Payable
Private Bag 904
Upper Hutt 5140

All accounts payable queries should be sent to

How we'll pay you

Our payment method is electronic funds transfer. This means we make payment directly to your designated bank account.

Sort out a problem with a payment

If we have not paid you, check when you sent your invoice. If you believe you should have received payment from us, then get in touch with our Business Services team.