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Treatment cards and letters

To help you identify our clients, we issue treatment cards and letters.

About treatment cards and letters

A treatment card will most likely be called a War Pension Treatment Card. However, we may have issued our client a treatment letter instead. This contains the exact same information as a treatment card.

Both a treatment card and a treatment letter will have the client's:

  • full name
  • client number — sometimes called a reference or war pensions number
  • Defence Force service number
  • National Health Index number
  • approved conditions.

It will also have the date of issue, and how to contact us.

If you're treating a Veterans' Affairs client

Veterans' Affairs clients may show you their treatment card or letter. If you are treating them for an approved condition, we may cover the full cost of the treatment — you do not need to seek payment from them. However, please seek prior approval from us before you begin treatment. 

Before you invoice us, check:

  1. the treatment card is for the person you are treating
  2. you are treating them for an approved condition.

Information on how to invoice us

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