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Treating our clients

Information for healthcare professionals providing treatment to our clients.

Treatment we'll cover

If you’re treating one of our clients for an accepted condition, we may cover the cost of treatment. Pre-approval is often required. 

Find out how we decide to accept a condition

If you're a healthcare provider outside of New Zealand, we'll fund the same type of treatment available in NZ. Please contact us — how we work with you may be different.

Without pre-approval

Prior approval is not required for treatment for an accepted condition that is:

  • a doctor's visit
  • subsidised pharmaceuticals on the PHARMAC list, or
  • diagnostic x-rays and scans up to $1,000.

With pre-approval

We need to pre-approve:

  • specialist treatment
  • pharmaceuticals not on the PHARMAC list, and
  • diagnostic x-rays and scans over $1,000.

Without pre-approval, we won't pay or contribute towards these costs.

Treatment we'll not cover

We're not responsible for covering the cost of treatment if it is being covered by:

  • the NZ Defence Force
  • the public health system
  • ACC.

We're also unable to cover treatment for a condition that we have not accepted as service-related.