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Child Care Payments

We may be able to make Child Care payments if a child's caregiver or parent dies because of Qualifying Service.

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Who can get this

You may be able to get Child Care if:

  • your spouse or partner died because of Qualifying Operational Service after 1 April 1974 outside of Viet Nam
  • your child was born within 12 months of your spouse or partners death, and
  • the child was dependent on the surviving parent or the spouse or partner that died.

Qualifying Operational Service explained

What you can get

This is a payment to go towards paying for childcare.

Child Care payments will stop if:

  • ACC can provide the payment—but we'll top up the payments if they pay you less than what we can
  • the child has turned 14 years of age.

The Child Care payments will continue if the child:

  • is older than 14, and
  • has a physical or mental condition that needs childcare.

When considering whether to continue childcare payments, we will also take into account:

  • whether the person caring for the child is employed
  • whether the person caring for the child has a new spouse or partner
  • the number of children the veteran has
  • where the child or children live
  • the accessibility of organised childcare
  • other relevant circumstances of the family.

Child Care payment rates

How to apply

You'll need to complete the application form on behalf of the child.

  1. Complete the Child Care application form.
  2. Send the application form and any supporting information to us.

Download the Child Care application form [PDF, 484 KB]

What happens next

After you apply we'll:

  1. contact you to confirm we've received your application
  2. start the decision-making process
  3. inform you in writing once a decision has been made.

If we need more information, we'll get in touch with you.

How we make decisions

Find out more

Contact us for more information

We strive to be transparent. If you want to know how this entitlement is administered you can read the full policy.

Child Care Policy [PDF, 358 KB]