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Other services—Social Rehabilitation

Other services may be available to support you regaining your pre-condition independence.

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Who can get this

You may be able to get this if:

  • you have Qualifying Service, and
  • your condition is related to your Qualifying Service

Qualifying Service explained

You may also be able to get this support for a non-service-related condition if:

  • it stops you working full time, and
  • you get Weekly Income Compensation.

Weekly Income Compensation

What you can get

Needs we can address

We’ll do all we reasonably can to support you to regain your pre-condition independence. This might cover:

  • communication skills and appliances
  • finances for budgeting, banking, making payments
  • health, for example, managing medicines
  • home tasks like cleaning, laundry, making meals, shopping
  • motivation using initiative and confidence
  • safety such as personal and physical safety at home
  • relationship, intimacy and emotional needs
  • transport and using it independently.

We may fund other services where suitable. Other services must be all of the following:

  • high-quality and normally offered by rehabilitation providers
  • needed as a direct result of the condition qualifying you for rehabilitation
  • suited to your agreed rehabilitation goals, and
  • set out in Your Plan, this will be created with you.
How to apply

You'll be assessed for this under Social Rehabilitation while applying for impairment.

You may still apply for it if you don't have Social Rehabilitation. You'll need to:

  1. complete the Apply for Treatment and Rehabilitation application form
  2. send the application form and any supporting information to us.

Treatment and Rehabilitation application form [PDF, 671 KB]

What happens next

After you apply we'll:

  1. contact you to confirm we've received your application
  2. start the decision-making process
  3. keep you informed on the status of your application.

If we need more information, we'll get in touch with you.

How we make decisions

Find out more

Contact us for more information

We strive to be transparent. If you want to know how this is administered you can read the policy.

Social Rehabilitation [PDF, 352 KB]