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Support for families of Jayforce, Grapple, and Mururoa Veterans

We may be able to provide counselling if you're the family of a Jayforce, Grapple, or Mururoa veteran.

These support options are in addition to what's provided to the families of those with Qualifying Service.

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Who can get this

You may be able to get support if you’re related to a veteran of:

  • Jayforce
  • Operation Grapple
  • Mururoa.

You must be their:

  • spouse 
  • partner, or
  • child

Qualifying service explained

What you can get

Psychological counselling

We may be able to provide funding to access psychological counselling for the family of these veterans.

Family includes:

  • children, including whāngai, adopted children, stepchildren and grandchildren raised as the service person's children
  • spouse or partner, including ex-spouse or ex-partner.

Genetic counselling and testing

Genetic counselling and genetic testing may also be available to children of these veterans.

The child must be:

  • the natural-born child of the person who served, and
  • conceived after returning from this service.
How to apply
Find out more

Contact us for more information

We strive to be transparent. If you want to know how this entitlement is administered you can read the policy.

Services for Children of Vietnam, Jayforce, Grapple, & Mururoa Veterans [PDF, 368 KB]