The Paterson Report

About the report

Professor Ron Paterson was appointed in June 2017 to lead a review of the operation of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014. 

The Paterson review made 64 recommendations. Veterans' Affairs has split these recommendations into three groups:

  • actioned
  • underway
  • medium-term improvements programme – post 2020.

Recommendations from the Paterson Report

Summary of Progress on the Paterson Report recommendations – May 2020

The recommendations do not provide neat prescriptions for changes to legislation, policies, or practice. Recommendations can be addressed in more than one proposal. A high level summary of the current status of all recommendations is as follows:


Of the 64 recommendations, 23 have been actioned through more flexible use of policy and practice, or ongoing implementation is well advanced. For two of those recommendations (23 and 57), a decision was taken not to proceed.


A group of 23 recommendations that required further policy work and/or legislative amendment are being progressed in the Veterans’ Support Amendment Bill No 2.

Medium-Term Improvements programme – post 2020

There are 18 recommendations which have been deferred for consideration in a Medium-Term Improvements Programme that will begin in 2020 once the Short-Term Improvements Programme has been completed. These recommendations involve:

  • changes that might arise as a result of Veterans’ Advisory Board recommendations
  • changes relating to statutory boards
  • changes that might arise as a result of reviews taking place in other areas (including mental health, health and disabilities, ACC, New Zealand Superannuation, and social security)
  • changes to streamline and simplify the Act
  • work to develop a veteran advocacy role for Veterans’ Affairs
  • streamlining the process for adopting Australian Statements of Principles.