Working with Vietnam veterans

In 2006, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed to formalise an agreement between the Crown and veterans associations.

This Memorandum is not intended to be legally binding, but is instead a statement of the Parties' positions and best intentions.

The Memorandum included:

  • an acknowledgement and apology to all Viet Nam veterans
  • a comprehensive range of measures for addressing short and medium-term health and welfare issues for Viet Nam veterans and, where appropriate, their immediate families
  • a Welcome Home Ceremony for Viet Nam veterans incorporating aspects of Whakanoa
  • clarification of the current and proposed future entitlements for Viet Nam veterans and certain entitlements for all veterans
  • a review and rewrite of the substantive legislation, the WPA, for all veterans
  • a review of the delivery of services to all veterans, including options for the future placement, responsibilities and resourcing of Veterans' Affairs. 

Memorandum of Understanding — EVSA 2006 [PDF, 472 KB]