Qualifying Operational Service

You'll have Qualifying Operational Service if you have deployed on one or more specific operations.

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What is Qualifying Operational Service

An operation is determined "eligible" based on its assessed threat level.

Current list of Qualifying Operational Service

List of Qualifying Operational Service

If you think an operation should be considered a Qualifying Operational Service, please contact us.

How Qualifying Operational Service is determined

  1. After the decision to deploy has been made the Chief of Defence Force must give a report to the Minister for Veterans as soon as possible. This report assesses the operational and environmental threats to deployed personnel.
  2. The Minister for Veterans decides if there is a significant risk to deployed personnel.
  3. The Minister for Veterans declares the operation as Qualifying Operational Service if it meets the threat threshold. This declaration is published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Full process of declaring an operation as qualifying as per the Veterans' Support Act 2014(external link)

New Zealand Government Gazette(external link)

If you have Qualifying Operational Service

You'll be eligible for support from us. It's important to know that:

  • what you are entitled to will depend on when you served, and
  • you'll still need to meet the individual requirements for each service or entitlement.

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If you don't have Qualifying Operational Service

If you don't have Qualifying Operational Service—and didn't serve before 1 April 1974—you'll most likely not be eligible for support.

There is a chance that you have deployed on an operation that has yet to be declared as Qualifying Operational Service. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our work and find out when operations are declared as Qualifying Operational Service.

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If you served before 1 April 1974—regardless of where—you will have Qualifying Routine Service.

Qualifying Routine Service explained

ACC may be able to help

If you have a work-related injury or illness you may be able to get support from ACC.

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