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Conditions we cover

There are a number of ways that we can connect conditions to your Qualifying Service.

How we determine if you have a service-related condition

There are a number of ways we can connect a condition to your Qualifying Service.

We first consider if you have:

Otherwise, we use the Statements of Principles.

Statements of Principles

Sometimes none of these will apply to your situation. This might be because there is no Statement of Principle in force for your condition. When this is the case we consider if the claim is:

  • more than a possibility
  • consistent with the known facts, and
  • proven by medical knowledge.

You may be able to get support for a non-service-related condition if:

  • you get Weekly Income Compensation, and
  • it stops you working full time.

Weekly Income Compensation

Your condition may already be accepted as service-related

Your condition will already be accepted as service-related if you have it recognised by: