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How to invoice for hearing aids

Audiologists can invoice for hearing aids, as well as some support and maintenance costs. There are specific instructions for invoices coming from audiologists.

There are two types of purchase orders:

  • Hearing Aids (with a six-month time limit and an expectation of one full and final invoice)
  • Support and maintenance (with a two-year time limit).

We endeavour to process payments within two weeks if you send your invoice to:

Invoicing steps to receive fast payment — Ensure that:

  • Step 1 The invoice is made out to Veterans’ Affairs NZ

  • Step 2 The NZDF (VANZ) purchase order number is the correct purchase order for this veteran

  • Step 3 The end date for the purchase order has not been exceeded

    • Six months for hearing aids
    • Two years for support and maintenance.
  • Step 4 The amount of your invoice does not exceed the purchase order amount

    For hearing aid invoices, you must invoice for actual costs, not the maximum amounts on the purchase order. Refer to the Hearing Aids Schedule of fees

    Hearing Aid Schedule of Fees

    For support and maintenance invoices, you need to keep track of what has been invoiced previously within the lifespan of the purchase order. Refer to the Schedule of Fees for Support and Maintenance.

    Schedule of Fees for Support and Maintenance

  • Step 5 The veteran’s name and SWN number are correct

    Each veteran will have their own purchase order. Only use the purchase order allocated to each veteran.

  • Step 6 Your GST number is correct

  • Step 7 Your bank account details are correct

  • Step 8 The invoice is complete

  • Step 9 You send your invoice to:

    The invoice must be the only document that you send to this address.

    For hearing aids, there should be one full, itemised and final invoice.

More information on invoicing

We will pay on the full and final invoice when the veteran has been set up with functioning hearing aids

  • We will only pay on one invoice for the hearing aids purchase order.
  • Any invoices over the threshold amount will be returned to the Audiologist. If a suitable aid cannot be provided within the schedule, or the veteran needs additional accessories then the Audiologist needs to send an Exceptional Circumstances form to the case manager.
  • Invoices within close range of the threshold amount will be reviewed, and clinical reasoning may be requested.

Failed fitting

Where the hearing aids process has not been concluded, and the veteran has not received a suitable aid or chooses to go to another Audiologist, please:

  • send a final invoice for the time you have spent with the veteran (see cost of fitting services in the schedule) and any additional costs incurred within the schedule. The purchase order will be closed at that point.
  • advise the veteran’s case manager (using the email address on the purchase order or that the hearing aid has not been supplied with a functioning aid with your reasons as to why this has occurred.

Contact us

If you have any invoicing queries or your clinic information changes, contact us.

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