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Some examples of military language being translated into 'civvy speak'.

Examples of specific terms translated into civilian language

Military languageCivilian language
Commanding Officer General Manager
Stoker Marine Technician
Loadmaster Cargo Specialist
Section Commander Supervisor
Sergeant Major Foreman
Adjutant/Administration Officer HR Advisor/Manager
Warrant Officer Middle Management
Discipline Performance management
Mission Task/function/objective

Examples of explaining military experience

Former Supply Technician applying for warehouse management role

  • Significant experience in managing cost-effective inventory and materials control functions in a fast-paced, customer-facing organisation.
  • Key skills in budget management, warehouse processes and stock control.

Former Mechanical Engineer applying for a project management role

  • A proven background in project managing hydraulic systems engineering projects.
  • Responsibilities included financial reporting, team coordination, auditing and technical review.

Former Military Police Officer applying for a security operations management role

  • Highly experienced enforcement officer specialising in the establishment and enhancement of large-scale security systems.
  • Key skills include strategic planning, logistics management and delivering key projects within strict deadlines and tight budgets.