When you're injured or ill

You can get treatment and rehabilitation while you're still serving through Defence Health.

Royal New Zealand Air Force service-member has their blood pressure checked

Defence Health

Contact your local camp or base's Defence Health Centre to receive support. They will assist you in the process of treatment and rehabilitation while you're serving.

You can find the contact details for your local Defence Health Centre on the NZ Defence Force ILP on DIXS.

Treatment we can help with in the future

If you're Regular Force

After you leave the Regular Force we can help you with a condition related to Qualifying Service.

We'll get in touch with you when you release from the Regular Force if you have Qualifying Service.

If you're Reserve Force

If you think you are eligible for support—at any time—contact us.

Contact us

Treatment we can't help you with

We won't be able to help with a condition if it isn't related to your Qualifying Service.

Qualifying Service explained

If the condition first occurred after 1 April 1974 you will be covered by ACC. Your specific claim may be handled by the NZ Defence Force's Accredited Employer Programme (AEP) Unit. For more information:

  • talk to your local Defence Health Centre
  • visit NZDF HR Toolkit on DIXS.