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Family wellbeing

Family wellbeing

Every family occasionally goes through stressful times.

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Keeping families and whānau healthy

It's important to know the signs of trouble, as well as proactive ways to build a strong family. Helping your family and whānau means you can all cope with hardships better.

Learn more about keeping families and whānau healthy(external link)

Issues that can affect military families

Military service can change a person especially when a serving member is deployed overseas or is away for long periods. There may be family issues caused by this absence.

Most families are good at making the necessary adjustments and then readjusting to the status quo when the family member returns. Sometimes families need a little extra help to develop ways of coping.

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Support available

There are a number of options available to support you and your family and whānau deal with mental health.

If you're currently a military family

The NZ Defence Force has staff located at each camp and base. Their role is to help you connect with — and feel that you belong to — the wider military community.

Staff available to support currently serving members, families and whānau include:

  • chaplains
  • NZ Defence Force community facilitators
  • social workers.

If your family is no longer part of the military

There are a number of agencies and organisations that may be able to help.

Agencies providing support to families(external link)

If you are the family of someone who served in Viet Nam, you are able to get specific support

Support for families of those with service in Viet Nam

If your military member is eligible for support from Veteran Affairs'

We may be able to help fund — and arrange access to — confidential counselling and support.

Access mental health treatment