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Update on the review of the operation of the Veterans’ Support Act

Professor Paterson presented his report on the Review of the operation of the Veterans’ Support Act to the Chief of Defence Force at the end of March.

Professor Paterson was originally to report to the Chief of Defence Force by 15 December 2017, but this date was extended to allow time to do justice to all matters raised during the consultation process.

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Review. People have been so generous with their views and time. It has been a great privilege to hear from you, and to meet so many veterans and their families."

"Without your input, this Review would not have been possible. My findings and recommendations reflect what I’ve heard and where I believe improvements can be made,”

Professor Paterson

The Chief of Defence will submit Professor Paterson’s report to the Minister for Veterans for tabling in Parliament, at which point it will be publicly available. The Government will consider the report, and respond to its recommendations, including any changes proposed to the Veterans’ Support Act.


23 March 2018