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From Head of Veterans' Affairs—Annual Medical Assessment for Viet Nam veterans

In recognition of the fact that Viet Nam veterans were exposed to a toxic environment during their service in Viet Nam, the Government made the decision to introduce a free yearly medical assessment for all Viet Nam veterans recorded on the Viet Nam veterans register.

I am pleased to offer registered Viet Nam veterans the latest Annual Medical Assessment (AMA), for 2018.

To continue to ensure that the health and wellbeing of individual veterans are being monitored and to enable the Government to fully understand the issues relating to veterans’ service-related health, it is vital that as many veterans as possible undertake their annual medical assessment (AMA).

Whenever possible we undertake to support prevention of any of the presumed conditions listed in this AMA. If your GP notices any precursors, warning signs or symptoms of any of the presumed conditions listed in this AMA and treatment or investigation is required that will help prevent or delay the onset of the condition, we have requested this be noted by the GP so that we can consider any funding costs that may be incurred.

To qualify for Disablement Pension a diagnosis of the presumptive condition must be confirmed, however Veterans’ Affairs recognises the need to support the veteran during precursor states (a medical state that has the potential to progress to the presumptive condition), and will, therefore, assist with funding of associated GP attendances, blood tests/investigation findings, and some medications.

I encourage all registered Viet Nam veterans to take up the Government's offer of a free annual medical assessment and to encourage those veterans not already registered to do so.

Register as a Viet Nam veteran

As you may be aware the Veterans' Support Act 2014 (the Act) became law on 7 December 2014, replacing the War Pensions Act 1954. If you are currently on a War Disablement Pension and if as a result of your AMA you wish to apply for new conditions and/or reassessment of accepted disabilities, you will be transferred to a Disablement Pension and your application will be determined using a new decision-making process under the Veterans' Support Act 2014. The new Act continues the principle of taking a benevolent approach to claims, which was key to the War Pensions Act.

For further information, veterans should contact Veterans' Affairs

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23 April 2018