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Annual client survey results

We have conducted two surveys to better understand our clients and learn what we can do to improve:

Annual client satisfaction survey

The results of our annual client satisfaction survey show that clients are in the main very positive about their services from Veterans’ Affairs. Over 90% of respondents said that they were happy with their case manager’s ability to listen and address their concerns, their interactions with their case manager, and the ease of being able to contact their case managers.

“They have been very helpful and always called me back to confirm any queries that I require.”

Over 85% of veterans were satisfied with VA’s ability to resolve their queries and rated highly the services that they receive from the Veterans’ Independence Programme. Overall, 95% of our clients are satisfied with the service that they receive from us. “First Class service, good communication with case manager when required.”

What we need to work on

The survey shows that only 35% of respondents were aware of the Code of Veterans’ and Other Claimants’ Rights. The Code explains people’s right to complain about treatment or services that they have received from Veterans’ Affairs. Our aim over the next year is to make sure clients are aware of their rights under the Code, and how to let us know if they feel these have been breached.

Read the Annual client satisfaction survey [PDF, 792 KB]

Rehabilitation programme survey

The Veterans’ Affairs rehabilitation strategy was launched in 2018 and focuses on rehabilitation that is designed to give practical support and assistance to veterans. The strategy has three guiding principles:

  • The needs and views of veterans matter, and they need to be at the heart of what we do.
  • The health and well-being of a veteran’s family, or wider whanau, matter.
  • The full range of a veteran’s needs – physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural – should be recognised.

The rehabilitation programme survey shows that most clients overall are happy with the support that they receive. Over 70% of respondents reported feeling like an equal partner during the rehabilitation process, felt they could rely on the rehabilitation programme as a support network, thought the programme was simple to access and navigate, and trusted their service providers.

“My case manager understands what I am going through. They are not forcing me straight back to into work, but rather helping me get to a place where I am able to go back to work.”

65% of respondents felt more independent because of the programme and 79% of respondents reported feelings well supported by their case managers and rehabilitation advisors.

“I can tell them anything, whatever’s happening, they help me straight away or they point me in the right direction.”

What we need to work on

Just over 51% of respondents described feeling comprehensively supported by the rehabilitation programme. Our goal over the next year is to make sure that more of our programme clients feel this way.

Read the Rehabilitation programme survey [PDF, 986 KB]


12 October 2020