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Expanded criteria for NZOSM for service in South East Asia

Expanded criteria for NZOSM for service in South East Asia

A recent announcement by the Minister of Defence expanded the criteria for the New Zealand Operational Service Medal (NZOSM) for service in Southeast Asia, from 1 February 1959 to 31 January 1974

Read the full announcement on the NZDF website(external link)

How to apply

If you wish to apply for the NZOSM please make an application through the NZDF website

Apply for the NZOSM on NZDF website(external link)

The awarding of medals does not affect your eligibility for support from us

The award of medals does not give Qualifying Operational Service (QOS) eligibility under the Veterans' Support Act 2014 or the Burial and Cremation Act 1964.

Coverage under the Veterans' Support Act 2014 is determined by a veteran having qualifying service specified under that Act.  All service before 1 April 1974 is covered.

Qualifying Operational Service explained

What service would entitle you to support from us

If you served in Southeast Asia with the Royal New Zealand Navy or the Royal New Zealand Air Force during the entire period under the expanded criteria for the NZOSM, or in the New Zealand Army from 1967 to 1974 but did not serve in Vietnam or have previous service in the Malayan Emergency, on the Thai-Malay border or in the Indonesian Confrontation, you have Qualifying Routine Service and you can receive support from us.
This support does not include the Veteran’s Pension, commemorative funding or burial in a service cemetery.

More information on how we can support you


04 November 2021