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NZDF delivers service records within 24 hours of death

NZDF delivers service records within 24 hours of death

When serving or ex-serving personnel pass, it is common for whānau to request a statement of their service to include as part of their funeral service.

A Statement of Service (SoS) includes:

  • details of the deceased’s full name (and any alternative name they served under)
  • date of birth
  • service number
  • highest rank held
  • arm of service
  • Force
  • Corps
  • enlistment and release date
  • reasons for release
  • war or operational service and medallic entitlement.

To make this process as smooth as possible for grieving whānau, NZDF holds an MOU with the Funeral Directors Association of NZ whereby NZDF provides an SoS for the deceased person within 24 hours of receiving the request. There are no charges for this.

Get an official Statement of Service — Don't rely on people's memory

If you are asked by friends or whānau to contribute to an SoS, we encourage you to stick to the established process instead of reaching out to serving, ex-serving and the local RSA to form this. This ensures that the service details of the deceased are accurate and not based on a friend's or peer's memory.

How to get a Statement of Service for someone recently deceased

The whānau of the deceased must ask their funeral director to email NZDF PAM requesting the SoS with:

  • the service person’s full name
  • date of birth
  • service
  • date of death (essential)
  • any other identifying details.


Statement of Service for a Eulogy

If the SoS is intended to be used as the basis for a eulogy and further detail such as postings and appointments held are desired, this must be stated in the Funeral Director's original e-mail request. If there are any outstanding medal entitlements, NZDF will also identify this and support the family in applying for these. 

More information

Visit the NZDF Service Records page for more information(external link)

If you have any questions, email