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Our new website

Welcome to our new website

We've made it easier for you to find out about:

  • the support we can provide
  • who can receive it, and
  • how to access it.

Easy to understand

We've used simple language on our new website. Pages on our website should explain things clearly—while still sounding personal and human.  Our new website is the first place we've started writing this way. We're also updating our application forms and starting to write this way in our letters and emails.

We've worked hard to make sure we don't use confusing words on the website. One of the changes you’ll notice is how we use the word 'veteran'. The Veterans' Support Act 2014 has a legal definition of the term—it means someone who has Qualifying Service—but we've found this often causes confusion.

Qualifying Service explained

We want to get rid of any barriers that stop people from knowing that they could get support from us. Because the word 'veteran' means different things to different people, we're not using the term any more when we explain who can get support from us. We've used clear language to explain the services and support we can provide, and who might be able to get them.

In July this year, we'll launch an online 'Check your eligibility' tool. You'll be able to use this tool to check if you're eligible to get support from us now—or in the future. When it is released it will take only a couple of minutes to use.

Get notified when 'Check your eligibility' launches

Simple to navigate

Our new website is simple to navigate. Over the past year, we've tested it with people like you. We've done this to make sure that people can find what they're looking for. Once you get to a page, you'll find the information is presented clearly and consistently.

If you're new to Veterans’ Affairs we recommend starting on our 'Get support' page.

Get support

You'll also find our website works no matter what device you're using. It will look great regardless of whether you’re using a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Always improving

We’ll continue to update our site to meet your needs. You can expect to see regular changes as we introduce new features and keep our content up-to-date.

We'd like to hear what you think about our new site. Tell us what think—including your ideas on how we can make it better.

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21 May 2018