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Review of deployments

Veterans' Affairs is looking at ways to make sure that all service personnel who have been at significant risk of harm when deployed, are eligible for its support. 

Legislation requires the Chief of Defence Force to assess whether a deployment meets this 'significant risk of harm' test. If it does, the Minister for Veterans makes a declaration that the personnel concerned are eligible under the Act for VA services and support. 

"This review is helping to level the playing field for many New Zealand veterans" Deputy Head of Veterans’ Affairs Marti Eller says. “When the legislation changed in 2014, so did the criteria for assessing eligibility. 

"A lot of new factors can now be considered when assessing if someone has been at significant risk of harm on a deployment. The review project is running the ruler over post-1974 deployments, to see if any that haven’t previously made the cut would now qualify, says Marti. 

Over a hundred deployments or operations that have taken place since 1 April 1974 are being reviewed in six tranches. 

"Everyone who’s been deployed in situations involving significant risk of harm should be able to get support from VA when they need it. This project is helping make sure we’re covering all the bases."

As part of the review, VA is seeking input from those who have served with New Zealand's armed forces. 

Current and former members of New Zealand's armed forces can find out more and have their say about the review project on the VA website. 

Have your say on the deployment review project


07 January 2019