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Change to the list of Statements of Principles and accepted late-onset conditions, September 2022

Change to the list of Statements of Principles and accepted late-onset conditions, September 2022

Statements of Principles

The Statements of Principles (SOPs) are a tool to determine if an injury, illness or death is service-related.

The Veterans' Support Amendment Regulations (No 3) 2022 brought into force 18 replacement Statements of Principles and 8 new Statements of Principles.

Replacement SOPs

  • heart block
  • hypertension
  • malignant neoplasm of the larynx
  • malignant neoplasm of the thyroid gland
  • morbid obesity
  • periodontal abscess
  • periodontitis
  • seizure (name has changed from epileptic seizure)
  • sudden unexplained death

New SOPs

  • eosinophilic oesophagus
  • exertional heat illness
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia

More information

More information on Statements of Principles

For more information on these amendments you can read:

Accepted late-onset conditions

Accepted late-onset conditions are conditions that could be accepted as being linked to specific exposure or events occurring during qualifying operational service.

They are applied to Scheme Two veterans only. Their purpose is to ensure that families of veterans whose death was the result of a late-onset malignancy or other physical or mental disorder receive entitlements under the Veterans' Support Act 2014.

Name change for epileptic seizure

The list of accepted late-onset conditions at Schedule 2A of the Veterans’ Support Regulations has been updated to change the name of epileptic seizure to seizure in order to align with the name change that has occurred through the adoption of the relevant revised SOPs for that condition.

Veterans' Support Amendment Regulations (No 3) 2022(external link)

Minor amendments to SOPs

Minor amendments have also been made to Statements of Principles by Ministerial decision and come into force on 29 September.

Amendments relating to sensitising exposure to an allergen:

  • allergic contact dermatitis
  • conjunctivitis
  • asthma

Amendments to factors and definitions for “pack year” to “one-pack year”:

  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • anosmia
  • aortic aneurysm and aortic wall disorders
  • asthma
  • carotid artery disease
  • chronic pancreatitis
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • diabetes mellitus
  • giant cell arteritis
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • malignant neoplasm of the cervix
  • malignant neoplasm of the kidney
  • non-aneurysmal aortic atherosclerotic disease
  • peripheral artery disease
  • psoriasis
  • pulmonary thromboembolism
  • renal artery atherosclerotic disease
  • retinal vascular occlusion
  • tinnitus (reasonable hypothesis SOP only)

27 September 2022