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A year in review: SSAANZ 2022

A year in review: SSAANZ 2022

This year was the biggest year for the Soldiers Sailors and Airmens Association of New Zealand in terms of the events that they put on and how many veterans participated.

By the end of 2022, they will have organized twelve events for veterans and will have walked hundreds of kilometres together.

They've taken veterans on a Kaikoura fishing charter (12 veterans), five hunting courses (53 veterans), traversed the Southern Alps (where 11 veterans completed a crossing of the Alpine divide East Coast to West Coast) and around the time of the publication of this magazine, will be traversing the Ruahine Ranges.

Two people hiking up a snowy mountain

On the 2020 SSAANZ Southern Traverse (the fifth time for SSAANZ).

In November, SSAANZ will be in the Tongariro National Park running events for vets and their families. Next year they will be in the Southern Alps for the Southern Traverse 2023 Amuri Pass.

There are still spots available for their fifth traverse of the Alps.

SSAANZ may be able to pay the costs of an event for any veteran who may be experiencing financial or health stress. If you, or anyone you know, could use a SSAANZ challenge to reconnect with their military whānau, send them an email.

Three men standing on a hill in the mountains carrying deer carcasses over their shoulders

The SSAANZ Intermediate Hunting Skills Course


SSAANZ aims to create an Armed Forces community that maintains its bonds through adventure, shared experiences, and outdoor challenges. Feeling isolated is a common experience for veterans after they leave service, but through outdoor events they maintain their military bonds, build their health and wellbeing, and give them something to look forward to.

Visit the SSAANZ website(external link)

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