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Taskforce Kiwi have been busy at home and all over the world

Taskforce Kiwi have been busy at home and all over the world

The following article was written by Richard Adams, National Director of Taskforce Kiwi:

While we continued our Cyclone Gabrielle relief work in Hawke’s Bay, we still managed (in June 2023) to send another seven Taskforce Kiwis to assist Team Rubicon Canada with wildfire relief in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Then at the beginning of 2024, we deployed 20 for over four weeks to Queensland to support Disaster Relief Australia in their recovery efforts following Cyclone Jasper.

While the Australian relief effort was underway, two more of our team arrived in Morocco to link-up with the UK-based REACT Disaster Response team to provide support following the devastating earthquake that hit the Atlas Mountains region.

Just to keep us busy, another 14 Taskforce Kiwis spent 5 weeks in Vanuatu, carrying out damage assessments of 88 schools on three remote islands.

Closer to home, we supported the Christchurch communities impacted by the bushfires in the Port Hills, and then the Loburn community of North Canterbury who also faced wildfires. There our teams removed debris, demolished buildings, removed fire damaged vegetation, and searched for personal effects in the remains of homes. It has been a big 12 months, but one where our volunteers have made a real difference, helping those who need it most.

We were pleased to be asked to accept a Community of the Year Award on behalf of all the volunteers who helped out after Cyclone Gabrielle at the New Zealander of the Year ceremony.

As volunteers our people don’t serve for recognition or reward, but it was great to be recognised alongside all those that gave their time to help those devastated communities. Taskforce Kiwi has 540 registered volunteers, of which over half are current or were serving members of NZDF. More volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in joining please check out their website.

Taskforce Kiwi website(external link)

Established in 2022, Taskforce Kiwi is a not-for-profit group that utilises the skills and experience of former and serving defence and emergency services personnel to provide direct assistance to impacted communities before, during and after disasters.


26 June 2024