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Update on the deployment review

Update on the deployment review

We are pleased to announce three declarations of Qualifying Operational Service. The declarations cover deployments declined before 2009 that warranted reconsideration and previously did not have coverage.

Now, regardless of mission or operation, veterans are eligible for support from Veterans’ Affairs if they served in:

  • Namibia – between 1 September 1989 up to and including 31 March 1990
  • Mozambique – between 1 February 1994 up to and including 30 June 2005
  • Laos – between 1 July 1997 up to and including 31 May 2003.

The announcement comes following the conclusion of this part of our deployment review project. As part of the project, we are reviewing deployments since 1 April 1974 to determine if they should be considered Qualifying Operational Service. This is to ensure that support is available to those who the Government intended us to support through the Veterans’ Support Act 2014.

Work is continuing on the deployment review, which includes deployments to:

  • Afghanistan
  • deployments to the Middle East
  • Pakistan.

This announcement will affect around 120 people. While some already qualify for support from other deployments, for others this will be the first time they are able to receive support from Veterans’ Affairs.

It’s easy to check if you’re eligible online, and it only takes a few minutes. While you might not need the support now, you could in the future.

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27 October 2020