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Hearing Aids and Appliances

We may fund hearing aids and other appliances if you need them.

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Who can get this

You may be able to get this if you have Qualifying Service and either:

  • have hearing loss or tinnitus because of this Qualifying Service, or
  • you get Weekly Income Compensation because hearing loss or tinnitus is stopping you from working.

Qualifying Service explained

Weekly Income Compensation

If you have not yet made a claim for a hearing-related condition with us, you should test your eligibility. 

Check your eligibility

What you can get

Once your hearing condition is approved, we'll fund you to see an audiologist to arrange suitable hearing aids. They'll advise you on a range of options to meet your hearing needs.

Things we may fund:

  • standard hearing aids up to $2,100 plus GST per aid
  • ear moulds
  • consumables, such as wax guards
  • assessments and fittings
  • repairs to hearing aids and appliances
  • ear wax removal
  • tinnitus counselling.

We don't fund:

  • cochlear implants
  • smartphones or tablets used as remotes or microphones
  • phones with a dual handset or answer machines
  • hearing dogs.


If you have a non-rechargeable hearing aid funded by us you may be able to get a Battery Allowance. You or your audiologist can contact your case manager to request a battery allowance payment.

Battery Allowance

Replacement of hearing aids

You are entitled to replace your hearing aid after six years if your current aids are no longer meeting your needs. You or your audiologist needs to contact your case manager to request funding for new aids. If there is a significant change in your hearing needs within six years, your audiologist can apply for an early replacement. 

Please insure your aids

It is important that you insure your hearing aids, as we will not pay for the replacement of hearing aids that have been lost, stolen or damaged. We won't meet the cost of repairs for neglected or misused hearing aids.

We accept no responsibāçility for the hearing aids if lost or damaged during the trial period.


We don't cover loss or damage during overseas travel. If you're taking the item outside the country you live in, make sure it’s covered by travel insurance.

How to apply

Current client:

Apply for a new condition using the Disablement Pension application form.

Disablement Pension application form [PDF, 886 KB]

Not a current client:

What form you use to apply will depend on when you served.

Qualifying Service before 31 March 1974 or in Viet Nam

Disablement Pension application form [PDF, 886 KB]

Qualifying Operational Service after 1 April 1974 

Veteran Support application form [PDF, 444 KB]

What happens next

If your claim is approved, we will approve a Hearing Aid funding package.

  1. A case manager will contact you. They will confirm which audiology clinic you want to see for fitting your hearing aids.
  2. The case manager will send a Purchase Order to your chosen audiology clinic for the Hearing Aid Package. They will also send you a letter to confirm funding and outline what this includes.
  3. The audiology clinic will contact you to make an appointment. Or you can contact them to make an appointment.
  4. Let the audiologist know about any social or vocational needs you may have.

The audiologist will:

  • conduct a needs assessment and fit suitable hearing aids based on that assessment — this includes trialling of the aids for at least four weeks to make sure you are happy with them
  • explain to you how to use and care for your hearing aids
  • adjust the aids as needed during the trial
  • develop a rehabilitation plan and finalisation form, which is signed by you and retained by the audiologist.

If you have any problems with your hearing aids, contact your audiologist first. Depending on the issue, we might be able to assist. Contact your case manager to discuss options.

Ongoing support with your hearing aids

We want to ensure that you get the best results from your aids. Once your hearing aids are successfully fitted, you are entitled to Support and Maintenance funding to assist in the upkeep of your VA-funded hearing aids.
Please contact your case manager when you are due to see your audiologist for any ongoing services after your aids are successfully fitted.

This approval will only cover services with the audiology business you have chosen. You can have your ear wax removal done at your audiologist or your GP using your treatment card.

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Find out more

Contact us for more information

We strive to be transparent. If you want to know how this entitlement is administered you can read the internal policy.

Hearing Aids and Appliances policy [PDF, 619 KB]