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Discretionary Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP) Services

Discretionary VIP Services are distinct from VIP Services (Case managed). Veterans who are eligible for Discretionary VIP Services meet the following criteria.

Who can get this

The Discretionary Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP) Services are available to veterans:

  • that do have qualifying service
  • who do not have service-related illness
  • who are 80 or over (as of 1 July 2024) or have a terminal illness.

Qualifying service explained

What you can get

These needs-assessed services aim to help a veteran live independently in their own home. They are not health or rehabilitation support services.

The services include:

  • garden maintenance
  • lawn mowing
  • foot care
  • exterior house washing
  • interior house cleaning
  • a personal medical alarm.

How to apply

  • Step 1 Complete the first three pages of the application form

  • Step 2 Contact your doctor, specialist, or registered health professional

    A registered health professional or registered medical practitioner will complete the needs assessment for these services.

    They need to complete questions 7–10 on page 4 of the form.
    Section 9 is split into two different sections — 9a and 9b. Your circumstance will determine who can complete the page and which version of section 9 they need to complete:

    If you are 80 years or over

    registered health professional must complete sections 7–10 and section 9a.

    Some examples of a registered health professional include:

    • Doctor (GP)
    • Practice nurse
    • District nurse
    • Support needs assessor.

    If you are younger than 80 years and have a terminal illness

    medical practitioner must complete sections 7–10 and section 9b.

    Examples of a medical practitioner include:

    • Doctor (GP)
    • Specialist.
  • Step 3 Send us the completed form

    You can either:

    Download, scan, or take photos of the completed form and email it to us:

    Make sure your attachment follows our guidelines. For example, the total size of the files in your email must be under 15MB.

    Email guidelines

    Post the form to us:

    Veterans' Affairs
    PO Box 5146
    Wellington 6140
    New Zealand

Find out more

Contact us for more information

We strive to be transparent. The internal policy explains how this entitlement is administered.

Discretionary Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP) Services policy [PDF, 433 KB]

Veterans' Independence Programme

  • Discretionary Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP) Services