Veterans' Independence Programme

The Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP) supports you to remain independent and safe in your own home. You may not need to have a service-related condition to receive this.

Veterans' Independence Programme consists of many services for those who have Qualifying Service. We'll do a needs assessment to figure out what will best meet your needs.

About our needs assessment

Service can include:

  • gardening and lawn mowing
  • home cleaning.

You may also be able to get Social Rehabilitation if you have a service-related condition.

Social Rehabilitation

Spouse and partner

Your spouse or partner can keep getting Veterans' Independence Programme services even if you:

  • are getting treatment in a hospital, but have not permanently moved into the hospital
  • have entered long-term residential care for up to 12 months—even if you die during that time
  • pass away—for up to 12 months after your death.