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Funding awarded from the Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund

The income from the Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund is allocated by Veterans' Health Advisory Panel as research grants and awards.

The Panel has agreed to fund the following two research proposals. Research is now underway in these areas.

2016 funding round

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Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, University of Auckland

VeCHAT: Proof of concept study on screening, managing, and monitoring veterans’ health and wellbeing.

Amount awarded: $99,530

Research duation: 24 months


The research will assess the acceptability, feasibility, and utility of VeCHAT, an electronic Case-finding and Help Assessment Tool that has been modified for use with contemporary NZ veterans. VeCHAT is a self-completed electronic holistic screening tool for substance misuse, gambling, anger control, physical inactivity, depression, anxiety, exposure to abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and includes an assessment of whether help is wanted.

Research aims to:

  • assess the acceptability, feasibility and utility of VeCHAT;
  • gain NZ-specific data on the prevalence of mental health issues and lifestyle risk factors in the NZ contemporary veteran population
  • inform future service delivery and policy.
Dr David McBride, University of Otago

The psychological and physical health and wellbeing of New Zealand contemporary veterans (those who served during and since the Gulf War).

Amount awarded: $117,323

Research duation: 18 months


Research aims to

  • describe the risk and protective factors for veterans’ health and wellbeing
  • define the “at risk” veteran profile through a screening instrument
  • develop community support mechanisms to minimise a veteran’s risk of chronic health problems
  • develop an epidemiological case definition of multi system illnesses.

Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund

  • Funding awarded from the Veterans' Medical Research Trust Fund