Veterans' Affairs' COVID-19 information hub

Veterans' Affairs' COVID-19 information hub

This dedicated section of our website has information about how we’re responding to COVID-19. We will keep this section updated with the latest information.

Updated 10am Thursday 15 September 2022

What you need to know

We no longer work under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights). We are back to business as usual.

From 1 October, that means: 

  • non-essential projects, like the Veterans' Pin and Certificate of Appreciation, are resuming
  • we will host in-person events
  • you can contact us as usual.

You can contact us as usual

Our inbound phone lines are open between 8am and 5pm.

Please be patient — if you've left us a message, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

You can also email us at or send us a message through this website.

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Regular payments will continue to be paid.

More information on payments

Veterans' Independence Programme (VIP) services

All VIP services are available throughout New Zealand, regardless of the Traffic Light Colour. 

However, there may be disruption to the delivery of services.

More information about the disruption to VIP services

Available services are:

  • lawn mowing and gardening, provided by Crewcut NZ
  • house washing, provided by Chemwash
  • housework services, provided by HealthCare NZ
  • podiatry, by Foot Mechanics Podiatry
  • monitoring and installation of medical alarms, provided by ADT. 

The providers will be contactless or socially distant where possible. Please maintain a safe distance from the staff. 

Vaccination status of providers

Some VIP service providers may not be vaccinated.

Providers with confirmed vaccination status of employees:

  • ADT — monitoring and installation of medical alarms
  • Foot Mechanics Podiatry — podiatry.

Providers that have contactless services:

  • Chemwash — house washing 
  • Crewcut NZ — lawn mowing and gardening

If you don't want to receive services from unvaccinated people, please contact us as well as the provider.

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More information on Veterans' Independence Programme

Veteran's Pin and Certificate of Appreciation programme

We have temporarily suspended applications for the Veteran's Pin and Certificate of Appreciation programme. Suspending this programme frees-up staff to support our colleagues in other parts of Veterans’ Affairs. This will ensure that we can continue to provide critical support to veterans and their whānau.

Outreach events

All our outreach events remain cancelled until further notice. This includes our:

  • Auckland case management clients
  • RSA Forums
  • presentations and expos on NZDF camps and bases.