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Schedule of fees for support and maintenance

The schedule of fees for ongoing support and maintenance of a veteran's hearing loss condition.

Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand (VA) has set this schedule of fees to be effective from 11 September 2023.

This schedule is intended to ensure that veterans get the best results from their hearing aids. It may be useful for a veteran to have an annual check-up, where cleaning and minor repairs may improve the longevity of the devices.

Ear wax removal would also be completed, if required to improve the experience of the veteran’s aids.

Additional appointments have been built into the schedule to cover possible fault-finding appointments up to the annual threshold. They can be conducted on an as-needed basis.

Veterans’ Affairs will issue a Purchase Order for the maximum amount of $2,300 including GST to the Audiology business selected by the veteran for a two-year period.

Hearing Aid Maintenance and Support Plan annual amount table

Hearing Aid Support and Maintenance Plan Proposed new prices (Excluding GST) Proposed new prices (Including GST)
To meet the ongoing support and maintenance requirements of the veteran’s hearing loss condition per year.

This may cover:

  • annual appointments
  • fault finding
  • consumables
  • minor repairs outside of warranty under $345 including GST
  • ear wax removal.
$1,000 (total annual amount) $1,150 (total annual amount)

Additional costs table

Annual costs (upon pre-approval by VA) Proposed new prices (Excluding GST) Proposed new prices (Including GST)
Off-site repair (after one year) Major repairs over $300 per aid (outside of warranty) — Upon application Major repairs over $345 per aid (outside of warranty) — Upon application
Home visit if needed $80 plus travel $80 plus travel
Additional accessories, over cost aids, early replacement Upon application Upon application

Conditions for audiologists

Acceptance of the Purchase Order comes with the following conditions:

  • The Audiologist will be a member of the NZ Audiology Society and practice in accordance with their Code of Ethics and Best Practice Standards.
  • The Audiologist will ensure that the full warranty services are used with the wholesaler/manufacturer.
  • The Audiologist or the veteran will advise the Case Manager when they first require support and maintenance for their aids. Veterans’ Affairs will issue a purchase order.
  • This Purchase Order must be completed within two years of issue.  The Audiologist may submit a number of invoices during the lifespan of the Purchase Order. The Audiologist should have their own monitoring system to ensure they do not exceed the amount available or timeframe for the purchase order.
  • Ear wax removal will be funded as part of the annual check-up. If a veteran needs frequent ear wax removal, they should be advised to see their GP as there may be medical issues that need addressing.
  • The Audiologist will complete an exceptional circumstances funding form to seek approval:
  • If a veteran requires a home visit, the Audiologist needs to contact the veteran’s Case Manager to request approval.