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Thinking about leaving?

It's important to get advice and know your options if you're thinking of leaving the NZ Defence Force.

There are a number of reasons you may want to leave the New Zealand Defence Force. You should think about these reasons to make sure it's the best decision for you.


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Get Advice

If you are thinking about leaving you may want to get some advice. You could talk to your:

  • command, manager, or divisional officer
  • career manager
  • career transition coach
  • local chaplain.

Make sure you also keep your family involved. Throughout your military career, your family may have had to make sacrifices to support you. They may not have had much control over that. Now is a great time to involve them in decision-making for the future.

Consider other options

There are options available if you are wanting a change in job or lifestyle without leaving the New Zealand Defence Force. You could apply:

  • for a trade change
  • for a Service change
  • to commission
  • for a New Zealand Defence Force civilian job.

You will need to contact your chain of command if you think a trade change, Service change, or commission could be right for you.

You can apply for New Zealand Defence Force civilian jobs through the Defence Careers website. The site will guide you on how to apply. If you are successful in your application you would need to apply for release from the military.

Civilian vacancies on the Defence Careers website(external link)

Plan your next steps

If you do decide to leave the New Zealand Defence Force you will need a plan.

Have a plan

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