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Services Cemeteries

NZ has specific areas within cemeteries for people with certain military service, as well as their spouse or partner.

There are over 180 Services Cemeteries throughout NZ. Local councils can choose to set aside a part of a cemetery for the burial of certain service members and their spouse or partner.

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Burial in a Services Cemetery

Burial in a Services Cemetery is available to service members—and their spouse or partner—if they have been on certain deployments. Burial is available regardless of the cause of death.

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Responsibility for the maintenance of Services Cemeteries is shared between Veterans' Affairs, local councils, RSAs, and other interested veteran groups. Whilst we fund some maintenance and improvements, much of this work is done by volunteers. The high standard of presentation is a tribute to their efforts.

Our maintenance provider regularly visits all Services Cemeteries on our behalf. This helps us to assess what, and where, work is needed. However, we are always keen to hear from local communities who have concerns about their Services Cemetery. Please get in touch with us if you:

  • have concerns about a health and safety risk at a Services Cemetery
  • would like to ensure maintenance is completed at a Services Cemetery in time for a commemorative event.

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