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War Disablement Pension

The War Disablement Pension is a payment to compensate for a Qualifying Service related condition.

The War Disablement Pension was granted under the War Pensions Act 1954. It can no longer be granted as it was replaced by the Disablement Pension with the introduction of the Veterans' Support Act 2014.

If you were granted a War Disablement Pension before the change occurred, you can retain it. You don't have to change to the Disablement Pension if you don't want to.

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What you can get

The amount you'll be getting depends on your impairment rating. It is paid:

  • every two weeks within NZ, or
  • every four weeks to overseas accounts

War Disablement Pension payment rates

While receiving it you can't get:

  • existing conditions reassessed, or
  • new conditions added to your pension.

If you're wanting reassessment or new conditions added you'll need to switch to a Disablement Pension.

New conditions — if accepted as service-related — can still qualify for treatment and rehabilitation.


Terminal Rate

Your pension will be paid at the maximum rate. You'll get this maximum rate from the day we got your application.

Terminal Lump Sum

This is a one-off payment equivalent to 12 months of your pension paid at the maximum rate. This replaces your pension payments every two weeks for 12 months. The 12-month period is from when we got your application.

If you live longer than 12 months, then your pension will be reinstated from when the 12-month period ends. You — or your family — do not need to pay back your lump sum in any case.

If we receive your completed application on or before your death, the Terminal Lump Sum can be paid to your estate. If you do not make an application, or if the application is received after your death, a Terminal Lump Sum cannot be paid.

Applying for Terminal Rate or Lump Sum

You'll need to fill out an application form for terminal entitlement.

If you have difficulty applying personally then someone that can legally represent you can fill it out.

Application form Terminal Entitlement [PDF, 382 KB]

Change to a Disablement Pension

You can transfer your accepted conditions to a Disablement Pension.

Your percentage of impairment will switch from what it was under the War Disablement Pension to the whole-person impairment rating system. If you do change to the Disablement Pension, you will have the same payment rate as your War Disablement Pension.

Whole-person impairment explained

However, if it is assessed later on — after the transition — that your level of impairment has become less, your whole-person impairment rate will change.

If you change to a Disablement Pension, you can also get:

  • existing conditions reassessed, and
  • new service-related conditions added.

To transfer to a Disablement Pension:

  1. Complete a Disablement Pension application form.
  2. Send the application form and any supporting information to us.

Transfer to Disablement Pension (no new conditions) [PDF, 308 KB]

Disablement Pension application form (new conditions) [PDF, 1.4 MB]

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