You can ask for a decision to be reconsidered if things have changed since we made our original decision or if you have run out of time to ask for a review of appeal.

You can ask for a decision to be reconsidered if:

  • a review or appeal was unsuccessful
  • the time for a review or appeal has ended, or
  • a factor to do with the decision has changed.

If your reconsideration is about a change in a factor to do with the decision, it must be about:

For example:
You may have applied to have a condition accepted as service-related a few years ago. When you applied, the condition may have been linked to an operation that wasn't considered Qualifying Operational Service. Since then, that operation has been added to the list of Qualifying Operational Service. You could ask for our original decision to be reconsidered, as one of the factors we based our decision on has changed.

We also sometimes reconsider a decision without being asked to.

Apply for reconsideration

To apply for reconsideration you'll need to discuss this with us.

Contact us

What happens

If you apply for reconsideration, we’ll look at whether there are grounds for a reconsideration.

We'll either

  • grant your application for reconsideration
  • decline your application for reconsideration.

If we grant reconsideration, a staff member not involved in the original decision will reconsider it. Once they have reconsidered your decision, we will let you know the outcome.

If we decline a reconsideration

  • you can not have the decision reviewed
  • or appeal the decline or have it reviewed.