Disablement Pension payment rates

Disablement Pension payment rates as of 1 April 2022.

Weekly payment

A Disablement Pension paid from the day we got your completed application. It is calculated as a weekly financial support and paid:

  • every two weeks within NZ, or
  • every four weeks outside of NZ.

Payment dates

About the Disablement Pension

Weekly payment rate

Your impairment percentage determines how much you will receive weekly.

All payment rates are before tax.

Your impairment percentage Weekly payment amount
5-7% NZD$12.39
8-12% NZD$24.77
13-17% NZD$37.15
18-22% NZD$49.51
23-25% NZD$61.89
26-30% NZD$74.27
31-32% NZD$86.65
33-37% NZD$99.02
38-41% NZD$111.42
42-47% NZD$123.79
48-49% NZD$136.16
50% NZD$148.53
51% NZD$160.92
52-54% NZD$173.29
55-57% NZD$185.67
58-61% NZD$198.06
62-66% NZD$210.44
67% NZD$222.82
68-74% NZD$235.18
75% NZD$247.57
76% NZD$259.95
77% NZD$272.32
78% NZD$284.69
79% NZD$297.08
80% NZD$309.46
81% NZD$334.21
82% NZD$358.97
83% NZD$383.72
84% NZD$408.48
85-100% NZD$435.72

You may be temporarily paid at maximum rate if you need treatment that requires you to take leave or live away from home for at least one day a week.

If you have a terminal condition

If your illness or injury becomes terminal you will either:

  • be paid at the maximum rate, or
  • get a one-time payment worth 12 months of the maximum rate.

If you take the one-time payment and survive longer than 12 months you will continue to receive a Disablement Pension at your weekly amount.